The Festive 500 Conclusion

Everyone who completed the full 500 km for the Festive 500 challenge who were signed up for the Ride Studio Cafe club in Strava receives a gift bag of goodies that includes things that anyone who just rode 500k needs:

A bag of George Howell coffee beans

Two sets of brake pads

Rapha Chamois Cream

A set of hand warmers

A set of toe warmers

2 Honey Singer Waffles

2 Sleeves of Shot Bloks

2 Bonk Breakers

The top rider who completed the most kilometers will also receive:

The Great Road Climbs of the Northern Alps book

The rider to complete the 2nd longest amount of kilometers will receive:

A Rapha Race Notes journal.

Thank you to all who showed up each day to participate in these festive rides during this cold and snowy time of year!

Winners should come to the Studio to claim their prizes Jan 5th or anytime thereafter.

Ride Studio Cafe's Festive 500 & Winter Ride Photo Collection:

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Give your legs the greatest gift and ride 500km with Rapha and Ride Studio Cafe. Once more Rapha challenges riders around the world to avoid the festive flab and clock those kilometers. Ride 500km between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve posting evidence of your endeavors along the way via these channels:

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To ensure you are officially entered, join the Strava Challenge page or

Special seasonal prizes will be awarded to the top kilometer Kings and Queens. Everyone who successfully completes the 500 will receive a commemorative woven badge.

Special participation-based prizes will be given from the Ride Studio Cafe as well. To be eligible for one of these (to be announced just prior to the 24th), you must email us here: and become a member of Strava's Ride Studio Cafe Club.


Thanks to Pamela and John Blayley, we have a series of rides for the week, with different rides every day, including great lunch stops.  All rides start from Ride Studio Cafe, except Christmas Day, Tuesday December 25, when we will be closed. Riders will start at the Blayleys home in Watertown. Email "pb at blayleys dot com" to get the actual address and let us know you are joining. Coffee and snacks will be served before the ride. Soup will be served upon returning.

All rides start at 10AM except the one running Saturday, December 29th. This is a long one, with special guests from Rapha, so we start early at 8AM. We will open early so folks can fuel up before the ride. We will aim to be back no later than 4PM. But it may be a good idea to bring some sort of light and high-viz vest just in case!

There are different length rides available each day. We are offering shorter options in case of less than ideal weather. These will also be handy for folks looking to start out with a group for a social ride, but who can't take the full day.*

All rides have GPS tracks. Please load them on your GPS. Pamela Blalock will be leading a group at about 15mph every day. John Bayley will be leading a faster group for a few of the rides, but not every day. If you want to ride faster, be prepared to do your own navigation. The routes take in lots of quiet and scenic back roads. They have a gazillion turns! A GPS or riding with a super-domestique is essential.

PLEASE NOTE: Pamela is leading the long distance ride each day (unless weather makes the short ride the only option). If you want to do the short ride, please be sure to have a cue sheet/loaded Garmin or other GPS unit with the route on it as we can't guarantee that route will have an official leader.

We have a Garmin 800 unit complete with street maps at the Studio that you can borrow if you would like.

The Rides

Monday Dec 24, 10AM - RSC to Brimstone, lunch at Panzano

59 miles with lunch at Panzano in Southboro -or- 43 miles with lunch at CJ's Northside Grill in Framingham

Tuesday Dec 25, 10AM - Watertown to World's End, picnic lunch at World's End or Dunkin Donuts if it's too cold.

RSC is closed, so riders will start at Blayleys Cafe in Watertown. Email "pb at blayleys dot com" to get the actual address and let us know you are joining. Coffee and snacks will be served before the ride. Soup will be served when we return.

This is an urban ride, but should be quiet on Christmas Day.

63 miles to World's End and back through Blue Hills -or- 39 miles includes Blue Hills, but not World's End

Wednesday Dec 26, 10AM - RSC to Lost Lake,  lunch at Fihlo's Cucina

68 miles, lunch at Fihlo's Cucina and then Lost Lake Roller Coaster -or- 62 miles, Lost Lake Roller Coaster and then lunch at Dunkin Donuts -or- 33 miles

Thursday Dec 27, 10AM - RSC to MIT Haystack Observatory, lunch at Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe or cupcakes at Keyks

60 miles, lunch at Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe -or- 33 miles, cupcakes at Keyks

UPDATED 12/27/12: Friday Dec 28, 10AM - RSC to Noon Hill, lunch at Blue Moon


67 miles, includes Noon Hill with lunch at Blue Moon -or- 56 miles, with lunch at Blue Moon -or- 43 miles


SPECIAL DAY! Saturday Dec 29, 8AM - RSC to Mount Wachusett, lunch at Wachusett Mountain Ski Resort. Ride with Derrick Lewis, Rapha representative, and Rich Bravo, Rapha Continental Rider.

105 miles, including a wee bit of dirt around the backside of the mountain, and lunch at Wachusett Mountain Ski Resort - very unlikely we'll do this because of forecast. Check out the 63-mile option! -or- 58 miles ->  NOW 63 miles to include a warm stop! Download the route to your Garmin/GPS unit. (Route updated 12/28 5:15 pm) -or- 33 miles

Sunday Dec 30, 10AM - RCS to Sawyer Hill, lunch at Ariba Coffee

62 miles, with lunch at Ariba Coffee -or- 45 miles

Monday Dec 31, 10AM - RSC to Harold Parker State Park, Lunch at Ryers Country Store

62 miles, Harold Parker State Park, lunch at Ryers Country Store -or- 52 miles, Harold Parker, State Park, lunch at Ryers Country Store -or- 29 miles