Public Bikes Are In

Our long awaited Public Bikes have arrived!

What are Public Bikes?  Just the nicest urban bikes on the planet.  Learn more about them here and at Public's website.  The best way to fully experience how great these bikes are is to RSC and ride one.

Prices start at $600.

A Public is the perfect bike for town, city, commuting, and bike path riding.  Each bike comes with full fenders and a chain guard--all color matched.  And, lots of options and accessories.  The coolest production commuters ever.

Each Public has a serial number on the badge.  This one is 365.  Pretty cool number--maybe for riding 365 days a year?  And we have #21, too.  RSC is, after all, one of the very first Public retailers--I think we're number three.

Come by to check out all the Public bikes--and test ride them, too.  More colors and sizes are on the way!