Ride: Three Climbs

We’ve mapped out the loop for Tuesday evening’s Giro-esque ride.  We’ve dug up some good climbs—with 20% inclines—within a few miles of the Lexington Studio.  Some of the climbs you may have done before, and we’re hoping that there’s one or two that you haven’t climbed too often.  Come on along and find out which hill’s we’ve picked.

The primary purpose of the ride is to get a feel for what the Giro's stage 16 time trial might feel like.  While that’s impossible to duplicate exactly, we think we’ve come up with a route that will provide a glimpse into what a 24% grade feels like.

Also, Graham D. is leading the ride on the very pretty Limited Edition Giro bike.

Ride Details

Date:  Tuesday, May 25, TOMORROW

Departure time:  6:30 pm, sharp

Departing from:  Ride Studio Cafe

Duration:  14.9 miles.  About 40 to 65 minutes

Difficulty rating:  Medium to very difficult.  A few 20%+ grades.  Each hill is challenging.  Take it slow or ride hard—your choice.  We won’t let anyone get dropped.

We’ll have cue sheets available for everyone.

After the ride, hang out at the Studio for a beer—or water—and a bit of food.  All while viewing the actual Giro uphill time trial.  Or, skip the ride all together and just go straight to the beer.  And don't forget to check out the Giro bike.

See you tomorrow!  rsvp@ridestudiocafe.com