Embrocation Cycling Journal

Someone was wearing a limited edition Embrocation t-shirt the other day and it reminded us of the rumors that Volume 6 is in the works.  Not only does that make us positively antsy, it also makes us realize that Volume 5 is nearly gone.  We only have a few copies left so stop by and get yours before it's too late. When new people visit the Studio and peruse our publications, they often ask, "What is Embrocation Cycling Journal?" Jeremy Dunn -- founder of the journal -- puts it succinctly:

"An honest, beautiful look at the sport."

That really does describe the publication very well.  Embrocation is unlike any other US cycling publication, and the pages cover a side of cycling that we rarely see in print.  Those are a few on the reasons we offer ECJ at RSC.  Embrocation is special for a lot of other reason's too.  It was founded locally -- the offices are still in Newton, MA -- with James Morrison holding down the fort.  It features a lot of local content about riding, racing, cycling personalities, and bike builders.  Of course each volume has content from all facets of the cycling world--and not just locally or even domestically; they even have content from overseas.

Some highlights from Volume 5

  • Local:  The Gran Prix of Glouster -- photo essay by Jeremy Dunn
  • PersonalityJames Selman--designer
  • DesignerSteve Francisco
  • Frame BuilderTony Pereira
  • Racing:   Single Speed Cyclocross World Championship

There's a lot more to see and read in this issue.  Don't miss it.  The next time you come by the Studio for an iced mocha, pick up our "shop copy" of E5 -- we'd bet that you won't want to put it down.