Guest Barista & Cocoa Saturday

It’s a big weekend at the Studio.  Stop by on Saturday for at least four reasons:

::  Special Guest Barista ::  Special, Limited Edition Drinks ::  Our First Breakfast Menu Item ::  Lots Of New Rapha Arrived--we had to include something bike related!

Guest Barista

We’re very excited about the Studio’s first Guest Barista--first in a series that we’ll be featuring over the coming months.  For this Saturday our guest expert will share her style of drink preparation; she’ll even be making some special limited edition drinks.  Her style includes a broad smile and positive energy--both of which are contagious.  She brings this energy to every drink she crafts.  Stop by to say hi or have her make you a drink.

By the way, David--the Studio’s regular Saturday superstar barista--is traveling this weekend, but don’t worry; he’ll be back next week.  David is working on some new coffee sources and he’s doing some out-of-state coffee cupping; we expect him to bring back some great finds; stay tuned for the details.

Cocoa Saturday

We’re showcasing three new experimental menu items that--you guessed it--are cocoa-centric!  You have to visit the Studio to learn what they are.  If you’re into cocoa, you might want to stop by.  Two drinks and one chocolatey breakfast item.

First Breakfast Item

Long overdue, we’re introducing what some people might call breakfast--if your ideal breakfast includes chocolate, espresso, and crunchy cereal!  Count me in that group!

Rapha Performance Roadwear--Women’s & Men’s

We’ve had two shipment from Rapha in the past two weeks; lots of great items--most of which are ideally suited to the fall riding season.  Stay tuned for more details; or, even better, come by the Studio and see for yourself:  Hats, winter jerseys, jackets, and more.  Don’t dilly dally; they won’t be here for long.

Hope to see you Saturday.  Come on by for a hot drink and a warm hat!