Friday's Guest Expresso

Craving something sweet?  Look no further.

Today's Espresso

Today we offer you not one, but two espressos from Ritual Coffee RoastersDouble Rainbow and Sweet Tooth Espresso.  Ritual remains a driving force (literally, check out the Sputnik) in the San Francisco coffee scene.  In fact, many Bay Area baristas have honed their skills at Ritual in what they describe as "navy seals' style barista training camp."  And the drill sergeant, you ask?  Eileen Hassi.  She, along with Jeremy Tooker, first founded Ritual Coffee Roasters in 2005.  Since that time, they have moved their roaster to a bigger site and have opened a fourth cafe, including a satellite shop in a garden center.  That might explain the floral flavor in the Miraflores, one of three drip coffees we'll also feature today.  But more on the espresso:

According to Ritual, here's what one can expect from the Double Rainbow:

"In the cup, Double Rainbow espresso starts with breath taking aromas of marzipan as well as a cherry and peach compote leading to flavors of walnut butter, mandarin and a clean strawberry fruit, with a crisp shortbread cookie and aromatic pipe tobacco in the finish."

They go on to describe the Sweet Tooth espresso as "Classic Kenya peaberry flavors present themselves in the cup. Dense cherry pie filling, black currant, treacle sweetness, and a thick, lush, creamy body make this coffee a true stand out single origin espresso."

Why stop at one?  Try 'em both!  Speaking of trying Ritual:

Today's Pourover Coffees

We've got three Ritual coffees in addition to the two Ritual espressos.  That might seem like an awful lot of Ritual beans.  If you've ever had Ritual you might feel that five was not enough!  Here's what Ritual has to say about these three roasts.

Miraflores - Colombia: Near Palmar del Criollo, Pitalito in Colombia, Omar Viveros grows these Caturra trees on his 4-hectare farm, Finca Miraflores, 1650 meters above sea level. The coffee is wash processed and sun-dried with parabolic covers, protecting the drying parchment coffee from rain damage.

Tasting notesChocolaty and floral, with flavors of vanilla, butter, and lavender.

La Casa - Costa Rica: Alejandra Chacón and her father, Arturo, produce these Villalobos and Caturra cherries on their small farm in Llano Bonito León Cortés, Tarrazú, Costa Rica, 1750 meters above sea level. The Chacón family processed the coffee at a neighbor's mill until last year when they became motivated to build their own mill and process their own coffee. They are deeply invested in the quality of their coffee, and it shows. This lot represents a particularly nice part of the harvest from a particular place in the Chacón farm.

Tasting notesSweet and vibrant, with a candy-like mixture of citrus zest, tropical mango and passionfruit, and juicy peach flavors!!!.

La Folie - Guatemala: In the historic Antigua, Guatemala, the Penny sisters grow these Bourbon trees 1600 meters above sea level. The cherries are processed in the traditional washed process, meaning that they are de-pulped to remove the skin of the fruit before they are soaked for approximately 24 hours to ferment and loosen the sticky mucilage that surrounds the bean.

Tasting notesCreamy and balanced with flavors of date, fuji apple, and toasted almonds.

Stop by before 3pm today if you'd like to try some Ritual.