Guest Espresso Week: Nov. 15 - 19

In celebration of the Studio Cafe’s grand re-opening, we’re featuring guest espressos from some of the top roasters across the country.  Over the last month, aside from being over caffeinated, we have spent countless hours sampling some amazing espresso and wanted to share some of the best with you.  And, as always, we’d love your feedback.

Guest Espresso Miniseries

Rather than a weekly or monthly guest--that's in the works--we decided to do a daily guest espresso.  So, for the next week, maybe longer, we’re offering our customers a chance to try espressos that you may not have tried before.  All of these guests offer a wide variety of high quality coffee well worth trying.  If you prefer a "slower" pace, don't worry, we'll feature some guest coffee at the brew bar as well.  Anything but your average cup of coffee.

Our “Regular” Roaster

Nothing regular about them.  Barismo is the coffee and espresso that you’ve probably tasted at the Studio recently.   As we already know, their offerings are excellent, so don’t feel obligated to try a guest espresso.  You can stick with the tried and true that we’ve been serving; you can’t go wrong with Barismo.

Saturday’s Guest

Our first guest in the miniseries!

Roaster:  De La Paz Coffee, out of San Francisco, CA Espresso:  Cherry Chapstick

De La Paz was the first roaster to contact us when we opened the Studio--so they will always hold a special place in our hearts and grinders.  In addition, they are bike fanatics--like some of us at the Studio--and were intrigued by our concept of combining coffee and bikes together--it made sense to them at least!  And, on top of everything else, they’ve been super to work with.  Oh, and did I mention that their espresso is amazing!

What can you expect from an espresso pulled with Cherry Chapstick?

“In the cup you can expect a candy shell aroma which sets the tone for the very sweet black cherry upfront acidity; reminiscent of a Cherry Cordial. Behind the sweetness you will find a creamy mouthfeel with mid notes of lemon grass and citrus blossom, which follows through into a finish of refined almond butter.” -- Shark, De La Paz

One more random factoid:  as far as we know we’re the first cafe in New England to offer De La Paz’s espresso.  Don’t miss this new opportunity.

Stop By Every Day!

We’ll post daily with the next day’s espresso of the day.  We look forward to your feedback on each one--there will be a quiz!

Don't forget, the Cafe closes early, at 2pm on Saturday, November 13, so get your espresso early.