Monday's Guest Espresso

Continuing a good thing:  Daily Guest Roasters! Today we’re offering espresso and coffee from one source:  Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. out of Olympia Washington.  It’s an Olympia day.

Guest Espresso

Big Truck Espresso Blend:  Olympia says:  “Our flagship espresso blend. We devote constant attention to Big Truck and think it might be the best organic espresso blend you can find. Coffee is a seasonal fresh produce and different producing countries have varied seasons and harvest periods. We strive to buy smaller lots in their prime to keep the blend as fresh as possible. The ingredients of the blend change based upon seasonality, yet the flavor profile for Big Truck remains the same.”

Taste notes:  “Sweet chocolate, heavy with dense fruit and possessing a long clean finish.”  We know that is accurate sure!

Guest Pourover Coffees

We're offering two great coffees from Olympia today:

Costa Rica La Mirella Perla Negra:  Olympia says, “A thick, syrupy body supports layered flavors of ripe strawberry, melon, and citrus, all balanced by honey and chocolate.”

Farmer: Oscar Chacon and Francisca Cubillo Salas Location: Central Valley Processing Type: Natural Certifications: Organic, Direct Trade

Oly goes on to explain, “The term Perla Negra or “Black Pearls” is inspired by the visual delight of seeing natural sun-dried coffee cherries drying on raised beds. For Oscar Chacon and Francisca Cubillo Salas, the idea of doing a Fully Natural Processed coffee from their award winning La Mirella farm should have come with some hesitation, fear, or even scorn. But quite the opposite response met our request to do a Natural Processed version of La Mirella: smiles, a twinkle in their eyes and the question, “Cuantos?” What followed was the careful selection of fully ripe Caturra varietal coffee cherries measuring 20% or more BRIX or sugar content, and meticulous drying of these cherries with constant rotation and air circulation. Attempting a Natural or Dry Process is risky business, one is essentially letting the fruit dry or rot right on the coffee bean. If not done perfectly, the cup of coffee that results will become moldy, fermented, barn-like, redolent of scat—you get the idea. When done perfectly (which La Mirella Perla Negra has been) the cup is full of ripe fruit and fresh juicy berries.”

Colombia Finca La Florida Manuel Antonio Ovies:  Olympia describes the tasting notes as, “Dense fig aromas highlight scents of dark chocolate as an intro to flavors of caramel, cranberry, and sweet winter squash offset by a Riesling-like acidity.

Farmer/Producer: Manuel Antonio Ovies Location: Colombia, Cauca Region Processing Type: Washed Certifications: Organic, Direct Trade

Olympia describes the coffee in more detail:  “Manuel Antonio Ovies lives and farms with his wife and four children in Cauca, Colombia. Finca La Florida is a 3 hectare farm with over 13,000 Caturra coffee trees mixed in a shade canopy with yucca, plantains, and sugar cane. He owns and operates his own beneficio (wet mill) at the farm, where he depulps, ferments and washes his coffee. After the beans are processed they are sun-dried in a parabolic drier which allows for better air flow and therefore more homogenous drying of the beans. This lot was selected from samples sent each week directly from Colombia. We classified this coffee as an 86+ score. As a result, Manuel Antonio Ovies receives a premium on top of our standard payment at sustainable, direct trade pricing.”

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Dama:  Oly describes the taste as, “Elegant and sweet, laden with peach and apricot notes held together with heavy cream and toasted nuts.” They go on to say, “The Dama Cooperative in the highlands of Yirgacheffe support a better life for the community of farmers and their families while promoting environmental stewardship through organic coffee production. Farmers are provided new seedlings through nursery sites and extensive education on harvesting, cherry selection and organic agricultural practices. There are twelve permanent staff members who offer practical experience in coffee production, processing, and harvesting. Each member selects coffee cherry from his or her small coffee garden and bring the dark ripe coffee cherry to the central Dama Washing Station.”

Stop by for some great Olympian beans.  Open until 3pm today.