Saturday's Guest Espresso

They say good things come in small packages.  Nothing could be truer of Verve Coffee Roasters, Santa Cruz, California.  Considered one of the best specialty coffee roasters, they pack a punch with championship baristas including Chris Bacca, placed 2nd overall in the 2010 United States Barista Championship, Sarah Peterson, and semi-finalist, Jared Truby.  What's their secret?  The coffee, of course!  Behind the neatly designed modular packaging --- come see for yourself --- you will find "hand roast distinctive coffees", including but not limited to three exceptional espressos.  Happy 3rd Anniversary Verve!

Today's Espresso From Verve

First up:  The Streetlevel, a seasonal blend, combines Guatemala Finca La Florencia and Brasil Fazenda Cachoiera.  "Together to create an espresso shot that is thick with dark chocolate, dark fruit tones and exotic complexity."  Also good as a Chemex!

Second:  The Sermon combines three coffees, "which bring together varietal fruit flavors, roast caramel and a thick body for an excellent shot of espresso."  This very same coffee was featured at the 2009 Western Regional Barista Championship Finals.

And last but not leastWorka, "strawberry, syrupy, creamy."  Need I say more?

Today's Pourover Coffees

Verve is honoring us with three diverse coffees.  Good luck deciding which you'd like to try.  Here are some thoughts about each from Verve.

Elida Estate - Panama:  This dry process gem has tasting notes that include:  Strawberry, coconut, sweet cream, grape and a huge body from this wonderful coffee.

Santa Elena 1749 - El Salvador:  From the Santa Ana region.  Tasting notes:  clean, juicy, peach, floral.

Koke - Ethiopia:  This is a light roast, medium body wet process bean from the Yirga Cheffe region.   Tasting notes:  Creamy, boysenberry, juicy.