Sunday's Guest Coffee

The Studio Cafe Coffee Bar is open today; however, the espresso bar is closed--just for today.  Fortunately, with the guest coffee roaster we're serving most people won't miss the espresso. If you are missing your daily espresso drink, here are some alternates to espresso drinks could be:

  • Cafe con leche:  This is coffee, brewed a bit stronger than the Studio's average, then infused with velvety steamed milk.
  • Chai:  We make each Chai individually at the Studio--from a base team provided by Mem Tea.
  • Hot Chocolate:  The Studio's very sweet homemade hot chocolate.

Sunday's Pourover Coffee

Evocation Coffee Roasters

Both of our Evocation offerings today come from the same area of Africa.  Both have a fruity, citrusy, sweet taste.  At the same time, both are very different.

Fairview Estate - Kenya:  Evocation says, "Plump, juicy strawberries and cherries dominate the cup and are bolstered by elements of sweet cane sugar. The mouthfeel is syrupy and the acidity is on the bright side. This is one amazingly smooth coffee. The different fruits hit in distinct, structured waves that give it an unparalleled complexity."

Ardi - Sidamo: In Evocation's words, "Immense depth, raw sugar sweetness and a citrus acidity. Subtle but persistent suggestions of juicy strawberry, mango and grape mingle in the melt-your-heart smooth body."

Stop by to try these similar yet very different--and very tasty--coffees.  See you at the Studio.