Thursday's Guest Espresso

Today's Espresso

Espresso#165 Espresso

RoasterBarrington Coffee Roasting Company

We're happy with this espresso and roaster for the important reasons of the espresso's aroma, flavor, and character.  And were also happy because Barrington is based in Lee MA--so close we can almost smell the roasting process.  It's always great to work with local companies.

We like this espresso a lot, and we're not the only ones; Coffee Review gives #165 a 91 rating and says:

"Suggestions of flowers, aromatic wood and a vanilla-infused dark chocolate in the aroma. In the small cup medium body and deeper flavors leaning toward black cherry and molasses. Sustains character in two parts milk: aromatic wood, dark chocolate, even a hint of flowers and vanilla."

Come by and check it out; we have a very limited supply of this cherry-molasses espresso.

Today's Pourover Coffees

Another three great options!  Do you drink three cups of coffee a day?  We sure will be drinking a lot of coffee today.  Three different companies; three distinct tastes.

Roaster: De La Paz

Coffee:  COOPAC - Rwanda: De La Paz writes, "COOPAC is a cooperative, located in the rutsiro & rubavu regions of Rwanda, comprised of washed Bourbon and Mayaguez varietals.  This year's Cup of Excellence first and ninth place winners both came from COOPAC.  This cup has a very pronounced raspberry aroma, followed by a granny smith green apple acidity with mid notes reminiscent of honeydew."

Roaster: Coava

Coffee:  El Limon - Hondura.  Coava says, "El Limon is the combined effort of Gumercindo Herrera and Carlos Serrano. This micro-lot is a blend of the two farms located in Lempira, Honduras. Only a total of 5 bags (750 lbs.) were produced. While cupping coffees from neighboring farms in Capucas Matt had the privilege of being introduced to this exceptional coffee that would otherwise be blended in a larger production lot."

Taste Notes: Cherry, Lemon, Lime, Cola

Roaster: Ecco Caffe

Coffee:  Finca Malacara - El Salvador:  Ecco writes,"Sugared notes of turbinado and salted caramel provide a strong backbone, but it is the remarkable buttery body of this coffee that really set the stage, allowing red fruit, hazelnut chocolate, and white grape notes to dance across your palate."

Good luck choosing only one!  See you soon.