Monday's Guest Espresso

Second in the mini-series:  It's an Ecco Espresso day!


RoasterEcco Espresso from Sonoma County, California.


The very same place well-known for wining wines and famous food, is also home to Ecco Caffe.  They have long been considered one of the top artisan roasters in the country and in 2009 were voted one of the twelve best coffees in America.  It goes without saying, we are excited to have them in our line-up!  Here's what one can expect, "A complex espresso, with lively orange zest acidity balanced by notes of sweet turbinado sugar, salted caramel, black forest cake. Buttery body and rich notes of baked apple pie anchor the blend. Complex aromas of vanilla and nut transform to ripe red fruits and honeyed caramel when combined with milk."  Hurry in, this one is sure to go fast!


Roaster:  Ecco Espresso

Coffee:  Three types; here are a few highlights described by Ecco:

  • Guatemala - El Tambor:  This coffee is like biting into a crisp apple. It is saturated in sugars: praline, maple, fig, pear and stone fruit. Next time you order an espresso, americano, macchiato or capuchino, try the El Tambor and sense all the flavor notes this delicious coffee offers.
  • El Salvador - Finca Malacara:  Sugared notes of turbinado and salted caramel provide a strong backbone, but it is the remarkable buttery body of this coffee that really set the stage, allowing red fruit, hazelnut chocolate, and white grape notes to dance across your palate.
  • Ethiopia - Dara Sidama Shilcho:  An elegant and complex organic coffee, with notes of sweet lemon curd and honey poached apricot set against a backdrop of milk chocolate, and set off by highlights of bergamot and lavender.

New Cafe Hours

Don't forget, the Cafe is now open 7-3, Monday through Friday!  Hope to see you there.