Tuesday's Guest Coffee

Today we bring you another award-winning coffee roaster from Seattle.  Zoka Coffee Roaster and Tea Company.  2008 Roaster of the Year, they pride themselves on one thing: first-day freshness.  "The defining feature of fresh-roasted coffee is that it's only minutes out of the roaster, not minutes out of a vacuum sealed bag," says owner Jeff Babcock.  And the ever so popular Espresso Paladino, the same blend used by countless national and international championship baristas, is no exception.

Today's Guest Espresso

Espresso Paladino: Zoka explains the tasting notes:  "Paladino starts with a rich, honeyed body and finishes with the subtle taste of baker's chocolate and walnuts. Flecked with caramel and cocoa flavors.  The five origins that comprise Paladino are selected for their unique contributions to the aroma, body, sweetness, and aftertaste of the brew. The resulting crema is flecked with caramel and cocoa flavors that deliver an aftertaste to match."  They have a lot more information on their webiste.

Coffee Review describes this coffee best, saying "Mild sweet flavor with lingering floral aftertaste. Sweet, crisp and cherry-like edging toward chocolate.  Excellent caramel complexity with milk."  For a more in-depth description head on over to www.zokacoffee.com.  But not before you sample this incredibly fresh coffee!

Pourover Coffee from Zoka

Ysterday we tempted some people witha Zoka brew.  Today we're including two more:

Again, Zoka is the word of the day.  We're sharing two coffees from them:

Harvest Moon Seasonal Blend:  Zoka describes this blended coffee:  "Our Fall seasonal blend, Harvest Moon, celebrates the transition from Summer to Winter. Four coffees have been selected and blended with the intention of highlighting a larger body and heavier mouth feel. Our Sumatra Tiger and Ethiopia Harrar form the base of this blend. We also added two Centrals giving the cup a touch of brightness to balance the immense notes of chocolate and berry."

Zoka's tasting notes:  Apricots, Apples, and Cranberries.

Organic Papua New Guinea:  Zoka explains this single origin organic as:  "from the umbrella organization,Tribal Aromas, that represented several (8) coffee grower cooperatives throughout Papua New Guinea. Nearly all the cooperatives are located in the highlands of PNG with altitiude ranging between 1500-1700 meters above sea level. The main varieties of arabica coffee grown mostly by the cooperatives are the Blue Mountain, Bourbon, Typica and Arusa."

Zoka's tasting notes:  Pistachio, Cordial Brandy, oak-aged scotch.

As is typical these days, the Cafe is open 7am - 3pm.  See you there!