Tuesday's Guest Espresso

What do Caffe Vita, Victrola Coffee Roasters and Espresso Vivace have in common?  The letter "V", of course.  Here's another, Velton's Coffee Roasting Company. Velton Ross, the Everett, Washington roaster, spent more than a decade working the front line as a barista before turning his talent to roasting coffee.  Since 2007 he, and he alone, has been producing award winning coffee,  Take for example today's guest espresso, the Bonsai Blend.

Guest Espresso

Bonasai Blend:  Coffee Review scored it 94/100.  "The Bonsai Blend is Velton's signature espresso blend, distinguished by flavors of milk chocolate, hazelnuts, tangerine and a bit of spice."  Velton adds, "A medium roasted blend designed for espresso. It produces a thick, smooth shot with a lingering sweetness; notes of milk chocolate, caramel, hazelnut, and citrus fruit pervade."