Tuesday's Guest Espresso

The Eagle has landed!  On the Ride Studio Cafe, that is.  Counter Culture Coffee, a small-batch wholesale specialty roaster based in North Carolina, brings you Apollo EspressoCoffee Review gives Apollo an incredible 93 rating!  In layman's terms, that's outstanding coffee.  This stuff is so good, it even has it's own website!  www.espressoapollo.com

Apollo Espresso Flavor

Apollo, version 2.1 (more on that later), is a seasonal espresso combining light, bright notes of plum, citrus, and cherry with a round, creamy body.  Come see for yourself; your palate will thank you!

The components of this blend will change periodically throughout the year.  Version 2.1, is a blend of 60% Santa Elena from El Salvador, 30% Harfusa, Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia, and 10% Thiriku, Nyeri from Kenya.  All combined, you have an espresso that is both distinctive and original.  Excellent on its own; also good in a macchiato.  Simply put, Espresso Apollo is meant for espresso.


Roaster:  Counter Culture

Coffee:  Two offerings:

  • Los Luchadores - El Salvador:  Counter Culture writes,  "The heirloom Pacamara coffee variety combines only the best qualities of its parent varieties – the delicious sweetness of Pacas and the large beans of Maragojipe – and adds a fruity, savory strength unique to Pacamara. Cultivated in Sonsonate’s sandy loam soil at 1,500 meters above sea level by the third-generation coffee farmers of the Murray-Meza family, El Majahual offers striking, sweet-savory notes of spice, fruit, and molasses in the cup."
  • Koke - Ethiopia:  Counter Culture explains, "The coffee grown in the hills surrounding the small village of Yirgacheffe has been famous for generations, and is perhaps the best example of Ethiopian terroir, or "taste of place." Crafted by the artisans of Yirgacheffe's Koke coffee mill, this intensely floral coffee offers sweet, fragrant notes of tangerine, lemon blossom, jasmine, and honeysuckle."

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