Wednesday's Guest Espresso

Seattle is well known for its coffee scene, so it's no surprise we bring you one of their finest.  Victrola Coffee Roasters.  This artisan coffee roaster and retailer first opened in 2000.  In 2003 they began roasting, opened a second storefront in 2007, and in 2009 acquired yet another cafe.  Perry Hook, head roaster and avid cyclist, took an early interest in the Cafe.  We are happy he did!  And we're even more thrilled to offer you their espresso and coffees.


Victrola Streamline

Victrola describes Streamline best:

"There is the crema, brick red-brown and thick.  Its pillowy viscosity clings to the sides of the warm demitasse.  In a swirl around the cup, it offers fleeting notes of fresh pine that plump into a full, soft caramel aroma.  Streamline's fruit --- juicy blueberry and blackberry --- carries it across the palate in no rush: toasted hazelnuts, bittersweet chocolate, and brown sugar each take their time on the tongue before melting into a butter frosting mouthfeel.  The four coffees working together here are a linear, tight knit bunch.  They have dinner together and laugh until their bellies hurt, kind of like us."

And it that wasn't enough, we're also offer some of their coffees:

Pourover Coffee Offerings

Here is a sampling of what Victrola has to say about today's coffees:

Sumatra Lintongs: Named for the mountainous growing region south of Aceh, near Lake Toba is an exceptional Indonesia. It balances classic herbal and tobacco notes with a surprising fruit character. The Lintong is processed in traditional Indonesian fashion known as semi-washed (or wet-hull), where both the cherry and the parchment layer are removed before the bean is fully dry. This processing method contributes to the coffee’s body and interesting even funky cup character.

Tasting Notes: The Lintong balances notes of cedar and tobacco with a surprising exotic fruit character in the cup. Processing: Semi-washed Varietal: Djember, Ateng, TimTim

Guatemala Huehuetenango - Finca Vista Hermosa: The Martinez family has grown coffee on their farm in the mountains of Huehuetenango for three generations. In 2008, a crew from Victrola traveled to his farm and were able to experience the crop harvest. The coffee is grown with great care using organic farming methods.

Taste Description: Clean and sweet, this medium bodied coffee has hazelnut, orange and cocoa in the cup.

Brasil Carmo De Minas - Canaan Estate: When you see the label you can be assured that the coffee is completely traceable, Victrola paid the producer a fair price, and that good farming practices were used. The farmer Sergio is a friend of Victrola whose family owns a number of neighboring estates in the Carmo de Minas region of Brazil. Sergio produces consistent, high quality coffees.

Check their blog post about this coffee, too.

Tasting notes: low acidity, a medium body, and a malty sweetness with nutty undertones. Region: Carmo De Minas Farm:   Canaan Estate Varietal: Yellow Catuai and Acaia Processing: Patio dried- full natural Altitude: 1,000 Metres/ 3280 Feet

Some great choices today.  Don't miss out.

Don’t forget, the Cafe is now open weekdays!

Monday – Friday:  7am – 3pm
Saturday:  8am – 6pm
Sunday:  Closed