Wednesday's Guest Espresso

PT's Coffee Roasting Company, 2009 Roaster of the Year, began in 1993 as a single coffee shop in Topeka, Kansas.  Seventeen years later they are serving over a hundred cafes across the country.  Add the Ride Studio Cafe to that list.  Today we bring you:

Today's Guest Espresso

Flying Monkey Espresso:  "Harnessing the lush sweetness and inherent richness of our Sumatra Blue Tawar and the fruity sweetness of a naturally processed Ethiopian, Flying Monkey is a striking blend with a lot of versatility. Much like its fictional counterparts, it is incredibly adaptable and can be enjoyed in almost every setting. Whether you are looking for a straight shot or something that will pair well with a milkier beverage, Flying Monkey is sure to please," according to PT's.

Like so many of you we'll be spending the next day -- or two -- with family and friends feasting on food.  Thus, the Cafe will be closed Thursday and Friday; regular hours resume Saturday.  Stay tuned for details about the Grand Reopening of the Cafe!