Weekly Sunday Studio Rides

Every Sunday the Studio hosts a group road ride.  We ride all year long and haven't missed a week since we started the ride.  If you're interested in joining us, learn more about the ride here. The unmistakable signs of spring are finally here. The crocuses are in bloom, the Home Opener has come and gone, and the last patches of snow are in their death throes.  Most importantly, Karl (our answer to Punxsutawney Phil) has emerged from deep in winter hibernation to start riding again.  Oh, and the Cafe is starting to serve Iced Coffee!

So time to shed those layers and start riding in earnest.

We’ve been having a great turnout with enough riders to try offering short (20 -25 mile) and long (30 – 35 mile)  rides in two groups.  This has worked well, group sizes stay manageable and people seem to like having different options.  Both group rides are maintaining the easy pace tradition (after all, it is Sunday!).  The consensus seems to be that the 9:00 a.m. start time should stay in place, and so it will.

The other nice thing about a short and long option is that we can take alternate routes, covering different parts of Weston, Lincoln, Concord and Carlisle; pretty much some of the nicest cycling in the area.  We’re very lucky to have country roads, farms and parkland starting just a few miles outside of the city.

Lots of new riders and folks we haven’t seen since the fall (or, like Karl, late summer).  The rider mix continues to be pretty diverse, with some strong riders spinning easy and others getting their legs back after the long Boston winter.  And it is great to see people lounging in the sun outside of the shop before the start. Haven’t seen anyone stock a water bottle with cold brewed coffee from the Cafe yet, but it can’t be far off.