Happy Birthday Ride Studio Cafe!

Guess what?  It's our birthday!  Doesn't seem like we have been in business for a year already but we have!  And we could not have done it without YOU.  So . . . this Saturday, April 30, we will be giving away FREE espresso (as in double ristretto) ALL day long.  Perfume V espresso that is.  According to De La Paz Coffee Roasters a lemon blossom-turned lavender aroma makes way for a subtle blood orange juice acidity which translates into a creamy mouth feel with butterscotch mid notes followed by a crisp finish of caramel and brown sugar. To mark the occasion, we have switched up our menu to feature all African coffees and three different brew methods.  The star-studded lineup will include Stumptown Rwanda Muyongwe on French press, Terroir Ndiara Estate on pour-over, and rounding out the amazing selection of African coffees, Michelle 2010 from Barismo on Clever.  For those of you that don't know, the Clever coffee dripper combines the best of both worlds.  Features of French press and filter drip brewing, eliminating the drawbacks of each.  I recommend trying all three!

We look forward to serving you lots and lots of coffee for years to come.  Thank you, our wonderful patrons, for your support.  And please, come celebrate with us!