May Bike Commuter Support Program

Ride Studio Cafe's Bike Commuter Support Program For the month of May—National Bike Month—we’re hoping to help riders commute more than ever.  One part of this is to offer a new Studio Bike Commuter Support Program.  It’s very simple to join the program; here’s how it works:

  1. Pick up a Studio Commuter Card anytime in April or May.
  2. Keep track of the days on which you commute in May.
  3. Bring the card to us in early June and you could receive some cool services, depending on how many days you rode in May.

Here is the services list for the Bike Commuter Support Program:

5-11 days:  Your choice of a flat changing clinic or derailleur tuning clinic; a value of about $35.

12-17 days:  A wheel truing clinic valued at about $50; or one of the above mentioned clinics of you prefer.

18-21 days:  A free bike tune-up worth at least $70.

22+ days:  A commuter-optimized bike fitting worth at least $90.  How do you commute for more than 22 days in May, you may ask?  Joining our Club or riding with us on Saturday for the Reflection Ride are two ways you can earn more than 22 days of commuting value.

If you join us for Saturday’s Earth Day Ride you get three days automatically added to your commuter card.  This gets you more than 10% of the way through May’s commute!

Club Members’ additional benefits:  If you’d like to participate in our May Bike Commuter Support Program, as a Club member you get three additional days automatically added to your commuter card—you’re automatically more than 10% of the way to a full month of riding.  And, if you join us for the Saturday Earth Day Ride you get a total of six days automatically added to your commuter card—more than a week of riding value all in one day!

Confused?  Come by we’ll make everything clear—or at least we’ll try.

Happy commuting.