RSC's First Anniversary - A Celebration

Saturday, April 30 from 8 am to 9:30 pm - All Day

Join us for an all day series of events, rides, and parties

We've got six events planned throughout the day.  We have so much planned because it's been such an amazing year.  This is our way of saying thank you to everyone that has supported us and helped us get this project started.  Here is the Studio's plan for Saturday:

Giro 3/4 viewCustomer Bike Photos from 8am to 8pm:  If you bought a bike from the Studio during the last year, we'd love to take a high quality photo of your ride.  Bring your bike to the Studio anytime during the day and we'll take a high quality photo, or photos, of your bike.  If you'd like we'll add your bike to our new customer bike profile section of our website.

Coffee Bar Specials:  We're offering some limited special items:

  • Coffee flight:  We're serving three special coffees for the day.  All three coffees are from different suppliers and we're using different brew methods.  If you're into coffee, don't miss this.
  • Limited Edition Coffee from Terroir.  We have a brand new offering from them.
  • De la Paz espresso:  Guest espresso for the day.  We're excited to be serving this memorable espresso.
  • Studio Coffee Mug:  We've finally got great heavyweight diner mugs-in black, of course.

Ride team smilingRide at 10 am:  Join us for a 52-mile ride:  one mile to signify each week that we've been in business.  It's going to be a great, and somewhat unique, ride. Cue sheets, GPX files, Studio super domestiques, good weather, rolling mechanics, and a fun surprise for anyone that's coming with us.  Don't miss out.  The weather might even cooperate!  Please RSVP for the ride.

Toarco LE coffee labelCoffee Event from 2-4 pm:  Come by to try a flight of three unique coffees forfree.  If you haven't had coffee at the Studio before, this is a great way to learn about and compare the tastes of excellent coffees.  We're also making a special free kid's drink and serving free cupcakes, too.

Bike Customer Cocktail Hour from 5-6 pm:  We're closing the Studio early so we can have a private party for all our bike customers from this past year.  We want to thank you personally for being a customer!  If you'd like, bring your bike to have it photographed in our pop-up photo studio.  We'll be serving appetizers and drinks.  Bike customers that come to the cocktail hour will receive a special edition customer card that provides 10% off your next purchase of bike gear or coffee gear.  If you're in the club you get an addition 5% discount.  Please RSVP if you'll join us for the cocktail hour.

Anniversary Party from 6-9:30 pm:  Now the party really starts.  Food, beer, raffle, music, and the best bike and coffee people in the area!  You know the drill.  Please RSVP for the party.

New Items that will be available on Saturday:

  • Limited Edition Coffee:  We've partnered with Terrior on a great new coffee.  Don't miss out.
  • Studio Coffee Mug:  We've now got great heavyweight diner mugs-in black, of course.

Thanks so much for helping us have an amazing first year.  We've made a lot of wonderful friends and learned so much.  We can't wait to see what our second year brings!

We hope to see all of our customers and friends at one or more of the events on Saturday!

Addition Club Membership Benefits for this event:

  • If you're a Studio bike owner, and you come to our cocktail hour, you receive a card that provides you an additional 5% discount on your next bike gear or coffee gear purchase.
  • Receive 10% off our new items:  the coffee mug and the limited edition Terroir coffee.
  • Get a copy of The Lost Cyclist at 20% off.