Giro d'Italia's Loss

"If sport isn't a school of humanity then it's worthless." - Gino Bartali


This post began with excitement regarding the Giro - that we've finally got all the bugs worked out of our daily Giro viewing.  Excitement was quickly crushed as we were about to post, and heard about Wouter Weylandt's death.  I thought I misread the news.  Very sad.  The only positive is that he left this world doing what he loved, in one of the most amazing races imaginable.

It's difficult to write anything because it all sounds stupid and inconsequential.  We didn't really want to watch the Giro or post about it once we heard of the tragedy.

As the Leopard Trek site states, "It is a difficult day for cycling..." True.  And, the Giro does continue tomorrow.  We're confident that Wouter will be watching.  So, we're going to be watching the Giro, too.

We hope to see cycling fans at the Studio for Giro viewing throughout the next two weeks.  We'll post more tomorrow about our daily schedule.

Our thoughts and condolences go to Wouter's family and friends.

Vaarwel Wouter.  De Giro is voor jou.  Race op.