A Trip Down Market Street In 1905

In preparation for David Herlihy's visit to the Studio to talk about his book The Lost Cyclist, we wanted to post a well know and rare video from the exact era of Frank Lenz and his incredible true journey described in David's book.

This video--Trip Down Market Street--was filmed in 1905, or more likely 1906, in the same era as Frank's fateful final trip.  We've posted the YouTube version tracked with Air's hypnotic song La Femme D'Argent.  If you'd rather see the original silent film, it's here in numerous formats.

One of the many reasons this video is amazing is because it's already apparent, even in 1906, that the bicycle as an urban vehicle is getting squeezed from the landscape.  There are bicycles in view throughout most of the video; it's clear that the riders are not in their ideal element.  It's also telling to see so many modes of transportation already in conflict more than 100-years ago:  walking, riding, horses with carriages, gasoline automobiles--horseless carriages, trolleys on tracks, and even overhead electric trolleys on tires.  This all doesn't leave much room for bicycles.

Come by on Saturday evening to learn a lot more about bikes and bike culture in the early 1900s.  We're certain it will be a memorable evening.  We hope to see you there--with or without your tweed.