Yoga For Cyclists

At this time of year, the benefits of a focused recovery grow incrementally with the distance of your rides. In order to maximize your days off, longer rides require a holistic approach.

One effective method is yoga.  Club member and friend of the Studio Kathy Martin will be leading a weekly Recovery Yoga For Cyclists class starting tonight at 7:45pm at The Arlington Center.  This 75-minute class is the first in a summer series that will  run until 15 August.

Recovery Yoga for Cyclists is a beginner-friendly class for cyclists and other athletes.  Come to each class or just drop in when you need a few cleansing breaths and some asanas to recover from your weekend ride.  Emphasis will be on releasing chronically tight muscles and gently strengthening the core.  Restorative poses will be used to release stress and cultivate deep relaxation.  Mindful yoga practice helps the body rejuvenate and recover - it's a great addition to your rest day routine!  All levels welcome.

We appreciate that Kathy is putting together this cycling-centric yoga class that will surely benefit all who attend!