Break Your Bonk at the Studio!

Just in time for your weekend ride, Bonk Breakers are in the house at the Studio!  Come in and try this different-in-the-best-way energy bar.  We decided to bring Bonk Breakers to our Studio customers because the company is committed to making a wholesome, nutritionally sound snack that tastes great:

" At Bonk Breakers our goal is simple: to bring you the world's best-tasting, freshest, and healthiest energy bars. We started Bonk Breaker with the simple idea that it had to be possible to make fresh, great-tasting energy food that was also great for your body. " -Bonk Breaker

Bonk Breakers:

  • are baked fresh weekly
  • have zero preservatives
  • are dairy and gluten-free
  • are made with ingredients you can recognize and pronounce
  • are high in potassium
  • are only 220-250 calories
  • we're offering PB&J, PB& Banana, and of course, Espresso Chip flavors

We're completely psyched to introduce you to this energy bar that truly lives up to its name.  And if you're already a fan, we're happy to be your go-to spot to replenish your supply.  They've been flying off the shelves, so come in and try one pre- or post-ride.  We've been having them to curb that 4:00pm junk food craving--and they work!  They're small enough to fit in your jersey or bag, and easy to eat while in motion.

We'd never tell you what to do, but we HIGHLY recommend coming in soon to the Studio to break whatever bonk you may be having and try these great new bars!