Clinic Series: Riding in a Paceline

Join the Studio for a clinic on paceline techniques.  This clinic will be great for all levels of rider; we can all use a refresher, for sure! Studio Team member and category 2 road and cyclocross racer Todd Rowell will be leading the series.  He's a great teacher so don't miss this chance to learn from the sensei.

Series Dates

  • Monday, September 12 from 6:00 to 7:30 pm
  • Sunday, September 18 at 9 am - do the clinic & then do the Sunday loop ride, too!
  • More dates TBD.  Stay tuned to our Event Rides page for updates.

Paceline Fundamentals

Todd will introduce the skills and safety fundamentals of riding in a single paceline, including how to:

  • better hold a straight line while riding
  • manage your effort while riding at the front
  • rotate when riding in a paceline
  • handle corners, hills, and poor pavement in a group

After the clinic, you'll have a better understanding of how to use a paceline to ride farther, faster, safer, and keep your group ride more organized while on the road.

We hope to see you here for one or more of these clinics!

Preparation & What to Bring

  • Items that too often seem to get left at home:
    • Helmet
    • Riding shoes
    • I.D.
  • Lights are a good idea - the sun is setting earlier these days.  At the very least, bring a rear blinky.
  • Appropriate clothes for changing temperatures.  The difference between the beginning of the ride and end of the ride can be 10-15 degrees.  Be prepared.
  • Tool kit including at least one appropriate tube.  A good toolkit includes:  at least one tube, two tire levers, CO2 cartridge or frame pump, CO2 inflator, patch kit, and multi-tool that includes the basic five tools.  While we won't leave you behind if you get a flat or mechanical, it is good form to have the tools with you.
  • Pleas be kind:  if the roads are wet put on a back fender that covers enough of your rear wheel so that no one has to eat liquified road grit!

Important Notes

Don’t forget that if you'd like any mechanical help, or service of any kind before the ride, send us an email or call and we'll be glad to help at the Studio with anything you need on the fly.

Rider Waiver: RSC requires a signed waiver before your first ride.  We will  have waivers at the Studio for you to complete and sign, and you can review a copy of our waiver here.

Parking:  If you're driving to participate in the ride, make sure that you do not park in the Lemon Grass restaurant parking lot; you will get towed.  Fortunately, there is a ton of parking in the area--and it is really inexpensive.

By the way, here's where you can find our comprehensive list of weekly rides.

Come on out and join in the fun!