11-11-11: The Day Fixed & Singles Took Over

This will be the evening for all who love fixies, single-speeds and bikes that double as works of art. This exhibit is open to all types of fixed-gear and single-speed bikes. Bring your favorite single-speed bike, enter it into the exhibit - for free, and you may just ride away with one of a number of great prizes.  Full Details are available, check out the Event Page! See some incredible examples of functional bikes as Fixed Belt Driveartistic expressions of riders' passion.  Other reasons to attend include:

  • Prizes: Judging will be done by all participants. We've got several categories in which to participate.
  • Party: We're doing the usual RSC shindig. Only bigger!
  • Rally Rabbit Ride: Believe it or not, there are a few alleys and other non-conventional places to ride in Lexington. We're going to do a night ride at 10pm; don't miss it. This is not a race, it's just a very interesting roll. Bring lights. (Bikes with more than one gear are welcome to participate, too, during this portion of the evening.)

RSVP to attend the evening and/or to enter your bike into the exhibit.