Winning Ride Studio Cafe Team Featured in Cyclocross Magazine

What's new to read on the Ride Studio Cafe table of interesting reading material? It's Issue #14 of Cyclocross Magazine where Matt Roy, John Bayley and David Wilcox - representing the Ride Studio Cafe Team! - competed in the Green Mountain Double Century race. A multiple-page spread shows the images of these guys experiencing this grueling race. In the competitors own words, it was: "Insane. Nuts. Brutal. Inhumane." The guys rode it to perfection, and considering the elements, the near hypothermia, the terrifying descents and brutal climbs, they did remarkably well. Their support team included Mo Bruno Roy and Natalia Boltukhova of Pedal Power Photography, who is also the one who captured the wonderful pictures seen in the Cyclocross magazine. The two of them (in nearly psychic fashion) had things ready for the guys that they didn't know were needed until it would have otherwise have been too late.

This winning team finished at 11:03 PM, after starting around 4:15AM that morning. All of the vital statistics have been computed and described in the article. How many calories did one of these guys burn through? It rained 90% of the time.  Of the 9 starting teams, only one other completed the whole route, finishing it after getting some shut-eye late the next day. These guys define hard-core! Check out what it looked like out there and understand the true meaning of the too-often used term "epic."