How the night of One-Geared bikes was Won on 11-11-11


11-11-11 happens once every one hundred years. One was the theme of the evening and we celebrated bikes that are of the single speed or fixed-gear variety. Many owners of these bikes take great care to make the bikes particularly unique, creating rideable works of art.

Building a bike

The Exhibit showcased many very interesting bicycles. Framebuilders from throughout Massachusetts took part in the festivities and competed in the contest for the grand prize of $800 in hand-built wheels.

Panda Bicycles even participated; they sent their bamboo bicycle from Colorado to participate in the Exhibit and contest (where it received honorable mention in the Framebuilder class).

Geekhouse brought their Rockcity, built by Marty W.

Honorable mention, also in the Framebuilder class, went to the Seven Cafe Racer S - a titanium bike with belt-drive and couplers for easy traveling.

Seven Cycles Cafe Racer R

Grand prize winner in the Framebuilder class was Mike Salvatore for his Sketchy Bunny Bike.

Bunny Bike

Many bikes also entered the Workhorse category. Amongst those that entered were:

A very fast track bike (a Planet X, Tizack) owned by Dan B., it's ridden and raced on a track (it's even been to T-Town).

A bike with roots back to racing in the 80s was the Raleigh Panasonic team bike, owner Marty E.

Honorable mention went to the oldest bike in the exhibit: this Columbia Light Roadster who's owner is Ed K (left). He fielded questions about his bike all night long.



The winner of the Workhorse bikes was the Green Cielo, owned by Pamela B.


The Most Creative Solution category's honorable mention went to a Rhygin, Metax #541, owned by Bobby Earle O.


The winner of this category went to the Pixie Fixie, a very pink, a 1-to-1 geared Indy Fab bike owned by Pamela B. She has raced the bike up Mt. Washington numerous times.

Pixie Fixie


Many Seven Cycles employees showed up and brought the bikes they have designed and built during the course of work and some that were born in their private workshops after hours.

Seven Cycles

One example, the Seven Elium Race:


 And another, a Royal H Cycles creation by Brian Hollingsworth named One.

Brian Hollingsworth

After the prizes were awarded and affogatos were served, it was time to disturb the peace of the Lexington night.

The Rally Rabbit ride led us up, down and all around - on and off road and almost a little too close to a skunk. No one knew where we were in the dark of night.

Everyone was still smiling by the time we got to the old Belfry that overlooks Lexington.

Up to the Old Belfry

 A little chilly and fueled by adrenaline, it was time for...

Hot Chocolate

...some Ride Studio Cafe hot cholcolate! Here's Rally Rabbit Ride leader Rob distributing the hot chocolate - there was enough for all.


And all were very happy, indeed.

Thank you to all who brought your beautiful and interesting bikes, who came to the exhibit, participated with great zest in the Rally Rabbit ride and to those who took photos & blogged about the night! First photo courtesy of EPIC! Stratton. Thanks to Brett Dikeman for many of these images (all are available here) and to Roger Cadman who captured the shadows of the night!