Special Project: Berlin Bike

Berlin Bike: Can't Take Your Eyes Off of It?

For today, we'll begin by including images of the Berlin bike. This bike is not just one of the coolest bikes on the planet for many reasons, but it demonstrates the creativity, teamwork, attention to detail and a good dose of a sense of humor on the part of the Seven Cycles employees.

Berlin Bike

This is the bike, but you have to look up close to see so many of its fine details.


At the Berlin trade show


Seven built the Berlin bike for a Berlin trade show this past spring. The bike was very well received at the show and it's no surprise why.

Kickstand on Berlin bike


Notice the belt drive, the Berlin skyline painted on its fenders and chain guard.

Working on the Berlin Skyline


Seven went through painstaking research on every piece of this bike. They made sure to get every building on the Berlin skyline right.

Berlin is written, rather subtly, on the bike. See where you find it. Notice it's capitalized - Berlin is the capital of Germany, after all.

According to the designers who worked on the bike, the "Berlin" twists on the tube so that the Berlin decal would be visible without being to brash or overbearing--it is a large decal.  This makes for a good balance of visibility and subtlety.

Berlin Bike, the name

Speaking of subtlety, here is the top tube decal:  black on black carbon.  The decal actually doesn't show up as well in real life.  Very subtle color shift.  The top tube "Berlin" decal doubles as a top tube protector--keeping the carbon from getting scratched and damaged by lamp posts, parking meters, and the like.  The idea is that Berlin is tough, and a protector.  The decal can take a beating and it is replaceable.  After a season of hard urban riding, simply replace the decals and the top tube will look as good as new.


If there's one detail that shouldn't go overlooked, it's the kickstand. See how it opens up when it's down and then folds up nicely when it's time to ride.

Headlight on Berlin bike

The headlight and taillights are built-in to the bike. The electricity to power the lights is generated by the hub on the front wheel.

Tail lights on Berlin bike

Check out the taillights and seat post system. Even the colors on this bike were something that the team worked on tirelessly to get just right.

Rear hub on Berlin bike

One other detail to notice: the internal gearing in the rear hub. This 8-speed belt-driven bike is clean in every sense of the word and handles different terrain effortlessly, quietly, smoothly.

The Berlin bike is on display at the Studio this week. The Berlin is a one-of-a-kind, not a production bike. There is only one of these in the world and here it sits, proudly showing off how beauty and function can co-exist so well in a single bike. This is a rare opportunity to see the incredible Berlin bike and we feel very fortunate to have it here! Come on in and enjoy looking at this bike (sorry, one of the only bikes not test ridable here at the Studio).