Guest Espresso: Alchemy from George Howell

On Saturday, December 10, we’re excited to be featuring George Howell’s Alchemy espresso.  We think this is great news for a number of reasons:

First, George Howell and his crew have been extremely supportive of our Cafe project from the very beginning.  They believed in us before anyone else did!

Second, George Howell is a local coffee roaster – based in Acton, MA.  It’s great having them right down the road; we can visit them anytime to learn the latest happenings in the world of coffee.  And learn a bit of history, too; George is, after all, the father of coffee in the Boston area.

Third, George Howell is a coffee staple for the Studio – we always have at least one coffee from GH available for pourover.  We've rarely have their espresso as a guest.

Fourth, and foremost for this weekend, we’re getting to try their newest incarnation of Alchemy, with beans from Brazil, Costa Rica, and Guatemala.  This set of regions provides a balanced espresso blend with a strong and complex flavor.

Get ready for tasting notes that include nectarine, apricot, and dark chocolate with a cherry finish. Not sure we can wait until Saturday morning!

And if that weren't enough to convince you to stop by, Sal – the Studio’s resident master barista and cafe teacher – will be pulling Alchemy shots all day.  He may drink most of the Alchemy so you might want to stop by early!