Ritual Coffee Roasters at RSC

Which domestic coffee roaster makes such exceptional coffee that it was selected to supply one of the first “third wave” cafés in China? Ritual Coffee Roasters in San Francisco sends a weekly shipment to Fish Eye Café in Beijing.  Now you don’t need to travel all the way to China or San Fran to get a taste of Ritual’s beans.  Starting today, stop by the Studio for a cup of Ritual Pour Over Coffee. Using our V60 brewer we’ll make a fresh cup of their Los Gigantes just for you. See if you can find the three flavors that make these beans unique. According to the creative tasting experts at Ritual you might find notes of Shirley Temple, dark chocolate, and Graham Cracker.  The sourcing specialist at Ritual traveled to Columbia to find these beans on small farms in the town of Gigante. The beans are grown at an altitude of 1500-1900 MASL. The variety of bean is Caturra.

Do you like to make coffee at home? We have a limited supply of 12 oz bags of the Los Gigantes beans for sale.  If you have a V60 brewer or French Press at home, Ritual provides brew instructions on their website to help you make a perfect cup of coffee.  Not sure what to get that coffee aficionado for the holidays this year? Pick up a festive red and white bag of the Ritual beans, a ceramic V60 brewer, and the V60 filters when you stop by the Studio.

More about Ritual

In a recent interview with Joshua Lurie at Food GPS Ritual’s owner, Eileen Hassi describes how her roastery is “working to push the coffee industry forward” alongside many other outstanding roasters in the San Fran area.  Since opening in 2005, Ritual has continually evolved to stay on the leading edge of the coffee industry. In the early years, Hassi said that a lot of time was spent building a base of knowledge and understanding with their customers. In the past few years she has been able to turn her attention more closely to the sourcing part of the business. Steve Ford, Ritual’s dedicated sourcing employee works directly with coffee producers at their farms to not only select the best beans, but also to plant and grow new beans.

What makes Ritual’s beans so special – in their own words, “You may be inclined to laugh when you hear we taste a coffee no fewer than 20 times before it makes it into our coffee bars, but if you are, we bet that you’ll be inclined to say, ‘I don’t know why, but this just tastes better,’ we get a rush every time we hear that our coffee is the best a person has ever had.” Part of Ritual’s mission is to spread great tasting coffee across the country. Thanks to this mission, you have the chance to give it a try at the Studio. Let us know what you think!