Supplier Profile: Rogue Chocolatier

Why do we carry chocolates made by the Rogue Chocolatier? First, each bar contains only cocoa beans and cane sugar. Can't get much more simple than that! Despite having a super simple ingredient statement, each bar has a uniquely delicious flavor. For instance, in the Rio Caribe bar you can find flavors of coffee, blood orange, and nuts. Like coffee, the cocoa beans come from different countries, regions, and farms. The differing origins give each bean a flavor of its own. Also like coffee, the cocoa beans go through a process that borders on art and science, which brings them from almost flavorless seeds to the delicious treat we know as chocolate.

On that note, a second reason to love the Rogue Chocolatier is that Colin Gasko, the companies founder has gone to painstaking lengths to perfect the process of chocolate making. Similar to how many coffee establishments (like our friends over at George Howell) are taking coffee through the ENTIRE process; from farm, to green bean, to roasted bean, to a cup off coffee, Rogue and few others are taking chocolate from "bean to bar." If you're curious to learn more about the precision and craftsmanship that goes into each step of the process check out Rogue's twitter feed. Frequent daily updates give you a great idea of what goes on behind the scenes of the Rogue Chocolatier.

Don't just take our word for it, a third reason to come in and try out the Rogue chocolate bars is that their competition, other chocolatiers have given Rogue accolades for being a leader in chocolate making. Check out this article from Wired magazine in which Bryan Graham from Fruition Chocolate sites Rogue as a chocolate company to watch. The article also sheds light on the entire chocolate making process. In true Wired form, the article details the intricacies of each step of the process.

Last, but not least...if you head out west on the Mass Pike you can find the brand new Rogue Chocolatier factory in Three Rivers, MA. Local, simple, made to perfection, and great tasting...a combination you can't beat! Come into the Studio to pick up a holiday treat for yourself or a last minute Christmas present for that last person on your list.