Take A Few Moments Off the Bike for You

It's been one year to the day that I moved to Lexington from Denver, Colorado. Having no idea what to expect and coming from a place that's known to be a mecca for cycling (namely Boulder), I was surprised and quite impressed by the rich cycling culture that I found immediately in January. Winter bikeA lot of people ride through the winter here - even through icy and snowy conditions. No doubt you've been part of a conversation with someone lately who's been talking about what they are doing to outfit their winter bike and themselves. If you want ideas on the proper fenders, tires, warm clothing, lights, etc., we'll fill you in on what we've discovered through lots of cold-weather riding and customer experience. We stock everything you need for the winter...you don't have to stop riding when the weather turns. But just because you can ride outside doesn't mean you should.

Some people are getting their bikes secured on indoor trainers and are ready to settle in to a winter training routine. Trainer time is good time to listen to books on tape and catch up on some movie watching...and it's warm and traffic-free. Trainer time is something I always used to look forward to as a Colorado cyclist and racer. No, I didn't have a winter bike then.

One constant is that cyclists here rarely stop or take a break. It is true that you get faster when you're resting and recovering, not while riding. Therefore, to start the new year, we'd like to encourage you to rest a little and treat yourself even if the sun is shining and the roads are still clear.

MassageOne particularly effective way of recovering and relaxing is by getting a massage. We feel fortunate to have found Morgan Massage - a massage therapy practice that lives up to our high standard of doing great work and we wanted to introduce you to him. He understands the human body and he knows what a body that spends hours on a bike needs to be healthy and feel good...and go faster. He offers many different techniques and gives each client specifically what he or she needs and wants.

Thanks go out to John & Pamela for telling us about Morgan. They just completed the Rapha 500 Ride of Redemption logging insane miles (900 miles for them both combined between Dec 23rd and Dec 31st!) These two rely on Morgan to keep them in tact.

For Ride Studio Cafe Club Members, Morgan is offering a super special deal (he is only doing this for the Ride Studio Cafe!) It's a 60-minute massage for the price of 30 minutes. We have vouchers for each of you at the Studio, so come by and get yours when you have a chance!

So rest, recover, enjoy the start of 2012! We have a lot in store at the Ride Studio Cafe for this year. To stay up on the latest: check out our website, blog and calendar of events, participate on our Facebook page and the Ride Studio Club Facebook page, sign up to receive our eNewsletter and join our Twitter conversation.

Cheers to a great New Year for all!

Patria & the Ride Studio Cafe Team