The Big Coffee Week: George Howell Espresso, Stumptown Coffee, and Ritual Coffee

Even though I did see a few riders out today in shorts, we are technically in the dead of winter and the temperatures have been dropping (slightly). To make sure you're keeping warm on your way into the office, out for a ride, or over your lunch break we are bringing you the Big Coffee Week. Starting today, stop by the Cafe frequently to try out all the offerings of our coffee mashup.  


On the La Marzocco we'll be pulling shots of the George Howell Alchemy espresso. We've brought this great espresso into the Studio a few times before, but just for a day here and there. Now we'll have it all week, giving you the chance to try it out in all your favorite drinks. Start with an espresso on day 1, a Cortado on day 2, and perhaps a latte on day 3.




Pour Over Coffees:

With Alchemy in the espresso grinder we couldn't leave our Stumptown fans behind so, while Hairbender will be taking the week off, we'll be offering a Pour Over of an excellent  Ethiopian coffee from our friends in Portland. From the four Ethiopian coffees Stumptown offers we chose their newest, the Ethiopia Sota. This is Stumptown's first offering from Western Ethiopia, where only 143 farmers make up the Sota growers group. One of the particularly unique things about these beans is that they are Ethiopian Heirloom varietals, meaning that the plants are indigenous to the country. These are some of the most coveted beans in the world. If that wasn't enough to entice us to give them a try, the tasting notes of the Sota couldn't be passed up; "a dense cup reminiscent of cola brimming with flavors of dark fruits and Satsuma orange accented by cinnamon and honey." Simply mouthwatering. If you're sitting at your desk, with a few more minutes to kill before the big escape, be sure to check out Stumptown's stunning pictures of Ethiopia on their webpage dedicated to the Sota beans.


Last, but not least we'll be continuing the new coffee from Ritual Coffee Roasters that we started on Monday. Check out our last blog post to learn more about the Kaliluni Peaberry from Kenya. As customers over the past few days have pointed out, this is a very unique coffee that is a great example of the special and different flavors that can be found in single origin coffees. As with all coffees we offer, these beans have been medium roasted to enhance, but not overwhelm the flavors inherent to the beans. The gentle roasting process brings out the notes of Oolong tea, dried raspberries, and chestnuts. While we are more than happy to offer you milk and sugar to accompany your coffee, try it without first, you might be surprised! Because of the light flavor, many people have found they can forgo the usual accompaniments and enjoy a black cup of coffee (sometimes for the first time in their life!).