All-New 622 SLX is Here but is Traveling Soon

Our Seven demo fleet is second to none. We have an incredible selection of bikes from which you can choose to ride. We like to switch things up so that you can try the newest, coolest components and wheels, along with the frames that interest you. The key is getting what is best for you; the optimal way to determine that is by trying out the different bikes and components. Want to check out Di2 electronic shifting? How about the 2012 SRAM kit? Let us know what piques your curiosity. Joining our demo fleet is the Seven 622 SLX, built just over two weeks ago. The bike's inaugural ride was a 104 mile century (on the Super Saturday ride). The rider couldn't believe how well the bike rode, it's weight, handling ability, responsiveness, style and road feel.  He promptly came back (though he wasn't keen on returning the bike so quickly) and scheduled a discussion to determine how his one-of-a-kind 622 will be outfitted and designed.

Would you like to test ride this incredible bike? We have it here now through April 1, then we're loaning it out to our friends in Boulder, Colorado at Boulder Cycle Sport who will be hosting an evening called "Art of the Custom Bicycle." No better bike to be in attendance at this event than this 622. Come in to check it out and let us know you want to ride so the moment it's back here, we'll get you out on it!