New Guest Coffee Roaster: Sightglass Coffee

One of our missions at the Ride Studio Cafe is to bring our customers a constantly changing array of outstanding coffees. To achieve this goal we are always on the look out for the next great coffee roaster. Started only 3 years ago, Sightglass Coffee has come into the San Francisco coffee scene with full force. This roastery and coffee bar was started by brothers, Jerad and Justin Morrison. Although Sightglass itself is a young company, both Jerad and Justin have years of experience working for the renowned San Francisco coffee roasters, Blue Bottle and Four Barrel. As with many of the selective roasters we bring into the Studio, Sightglass is trying to elevate coffee. For them this means bringing the customer the full story about their cup of coffee; who and how the coffee was handled from farm to cup. This includes sharing information about the farmers, the growing environment, and the processing of the beans. Here at the Studio we find that concept to be perfectly in line with what why try to bring our customers. Our friendly baristas are happy to answer any of your coffee questions or show you brew methods to help elevate your coffee experience. While having the story behind the coffee is a nice addition, taste can't be left behind. Sightglass most definitely delivers on flavor. In their own words:

"Because coffee is a seasonal fruit, we source it from origin in tiny, freshly harvested lots.We practice small production methods which allow us to scrutinize and perfect our processes. Attaining a perfect roast is a sensory craft; it’s an intuition, a smell, a sound, a slight change in color—it’s about deep attention to detail, and it comes through in every cup."

When we first decided to bring Sightglass on as our guest roaster they sent us samples of their four current coffees. All four coffees had a delicious fruitiness and sweetness to them. Those flavors matched along with a perfectly clean crisp finish placed them among some of the best coffees we've tasted here at the Studio. The blackberry and clementine notes in the Columbia El Altico particularly caught our attention, making the El Altico the first Sightglass coffee we'll be featuring at the Studio.