Rando Riding, Beautiful Bikes, and Stories from the Long Ride

Saturday, March 31 at noon and 6:30 pm

Rando Riding, Beautiful Bikes, and Stories from the Long Ride

Please RSVP.

Join us on Saturday, March 31 to share stories of distance cycling, great bikes, and the search for personal meaning one finds in the beam of a generator headlight that points the way down a dark, desolate dirt road.

The Ride - at Noon

The day begins, at noon, with a 110 km ride departing from the Studio.  This truly beautiful ride will take you on some serene and little traveled roads.  We’ll have comprehensive cue sheets of the route. We are fortunate to have brevet experts Pamela Blalock and John Bayley leading the way, along with a cadre of additional Studio Team members – the Cafe Racers – riding with small groups along this fun, and a bit tricky, route.

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The Map.

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What’s a Brevet?  Brevets are organized self-supported long distance rides from 200km to 1200km. Learn more at www.rusa.org.

Once you get back from the ride we’ll have towels and drinks – hot or cold – ready for all.  Take a moment to recover, relax, and check out some great bikes and gear since you may not want to leave because at 6:30 we have…

The Event, Party, and Exhibit – at 6:30 pm

We have a lot happening in the evening:

||  The party starts:  mingle, eat, and drink.  We may even serve a French ”cafe court” or two.  Of course we’ll serve “Chocolat chaud” all day and night, too.

||  Cycling phenom Melinda Lyon will share her remarkable experiences competing in Paris-Brest-Paris.  Melinda completed her first 1200k PBP in 1995.  In 1999 she won the women’s category in just over 53 hours – with no support vehicle!  And then, just for good measure, she's won three of the last four PBPs!!!  She holds the time record for Boston-Montreal-Boston, too.  You will not want to miss this rare opportunity to hear from, and talk with, this truly exceptional cyclist.

||  Brevet preparation presentation:  Pamela Blalock will share some tips and secrets on how to have a great randonneur ride.  Her resume of brevet experience is impressive.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the audax authority!

||  Randonneur bike exhibit:  We’ll have some great and creative brevet bikes on display.  We’re expecting about a dozen of the most beautiful and diverse rando bikes you’re likely to see – when not riding in a brevet, of course.  You’ll have a chance to closely inspect people’s creative solutions to lighting, fenders, gear transport, and self-sufficiency.

||  Prizes:  We’ll be awarding more than $1,000 in prizes for the best randonneur bike in the exhibit.  Prizes will include a pair of Rando tires of your choice, a bike overhaul, a private coffee tasting for you and three friends, and more good stuff.  We invite all party-goers to vote by secret ballot.  If you’d like to show your brevet bike, and have a chance to win something great, email us so we can reserve your space; we have only a few spots left.

||  Slideshow:  We will have pictures from Paris-Brest-Paris and other brevets playing on our video screen all night long.  If you have any brevet-centric photos you’d like to display, please send us images.


  • Ride and event:  Please RSVP.  We hope to see you at the ride or party – or both!  This is going to be a great way to kick off the best part of the riding season.
  • Bike exhibit:  If you’d like to display your brevet bike at the exhibit please email us.  We look forward to seeing your ride!
  • Photo slideshow:  If you have photos, send them to us!

It’s going to be a great day and evening of all things brevet.  Don’t miss out.  We hope to see you there!

Thank you to Pamela Blalock for organizing the ride, party, and all the goodness!

Photographs:  Natalia Boltukhova | Pedal Power Photography