Observatory Riding - a Metric Century Recap

The Ride Studio Cafe and Team Rialto-TRADE were joined by 90+ riders yesterday for the first of two Pan-Mass Challenge training rides. The very beautiful metric century route included 3,700 feet of climbing so all were hungry enough for the wonderful treats along the way. The first stop was at Keyks, a custom cake and cupcake shop, in Chelmsford. They had a tent set up and a table full of delicious cookies.

Keykes in Chelmsford








Keyks generously made the cake for the Studio for our 2nd Anniversary celebration with club members. Not only was it the coolest cake we've ever seen, it was also incredibly tasty. The edible coffee mug is being frozen until the Studio's 3rd anniversary.

2nd Anniversary Cake
















After Keyks, the groups cruised on and found their way up to the MIT Observatory.

Very impressive satellites greeted riders up the hill.   MIT Hayden satellite








Jay riding up hill to Satellite
















The Ride Studio Cafe Sul Posto was waiting for hungry and thirsty bike riders. Erica and Anna served up many flavors of gelato as well as RSC Cafe's special Cold Brew, fresh juice, pastries and Bonk Breakers.

Sul Posto












Sul Posto










The groups continued along, somehow missing the rain completely even though it rained in every other part of the state at one point or another yesterday.

Keyks provided a return rest stop for everyone, they made so much food to accommodate all of the riders!

Finally the riders ended up back at the Ride Studio Cafe, parked bikes in the Public Bike Parking spot in front of the RSC (found here every weekend through the end of October!) and indulged once again. Team Rialto-TRADE provided sandwiches; the big spread was important for recovery.

Here's PMC Team Rialto-Trade in their fine custom-embroidered attire. These are new and experienced cyclists and people who ride in the PMC for a variety of reasons. It's our honor to support them in their fundraising and training for the big ride which is coming up at the beginning of August.

PMC Team Rialto-Trade











Thank you to all who helped to lead/sweep the rides yesterday, assist us in putting the rides and logistics together, manage the food throughout the day and keep everything running like clockwork! A special thank you to the MIT Haystack Observatory for opening their gate on Sunday to allow our Sul Posto Cafe to head to the top of the hill.  The MIT group were wonderful to do this. Thanks to the riders, too, what a great group of riders it was who came out to share in the fun yesterday.

The next Rialto-TRADE PMC training ride is coming up July 1 and it'll be an 80 mile route. Watch for details & join us!