Curated: Custom Axiom SL

The Bike:  Cafe Custom Axiom SL

Seven Axiom SL





Like many of our customers, the Ride Studio Cafe Curator, Patria, has ridden a lot of bikes and after years of riding, racing and learning about bikes, decided a custom titanium Seven would be the right bike to have. She wanted a bike perfect for:

    • Long rides - from 40 to 150 miles
    • Fun, spirited group rides where town lines are contested
    • Good ride quality over rough roads
    • Local terrain and steep hills and mountain riding
    • Riding now and in the future, one that will last


Selling custom Seven bikes daily is something that is continually interesting. To understand each bike, each rider and see the nuances of each person, their riding preferences and situation explains the "why custom?" question so clearly. Every time a bike is delivered, the customer is beaming from ear-to-ear from knowing he or she got exactly what was desired - no more, no less, no compromises in ride quality, bike size, style, design, colors, component group, wheels, tires...absolutely nothing.

In Patria's case, she has average proportions and fits alright on stock bikes. However, having a bike that is not overbuilt for someone her size and has the ride quality she expects is key. She likes to have each component appropriate for her that allows her to climb, ride fast on the flats and provides an enjoyable, perfectly comfortable ride each and every ride. A bike that looks like none other and is physically beautiful is something she appreciates, too.

To her, it all comes down to a worry-free riding experience as she looks to the bike to escape from normal life stress. The bike always needs to to be a source of rejuvenation, peaceful time outside and enjoyable moments with others out of the rat race.

She knew she wanted a custom full titanium bike from the moment she test rode a Seven Axiom S. Since then, she raced an Axiom SL on varied terrain. Putting it to this test proved its speed and quickness. Its peppiness on hills and confidence on descents also set the bike apart.

Specifications on the Cafe Custom Axiom SL

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The Result