Stop in and Sip a Cold Brew for a New Coffee Experience

Stop in and Sip a Cold Brew for a New Coffee Experience


Many of you may have noticed the growlers full of cold brew here at Ride Studio Cafe, or even better, tasted the flavorful and refreshingly cool coffee. We make our cold brew by steeping coarsely ground beans in cold filtered water for 22 to 24 hours, resulting in a strong concentrate that we then dilute to create the cold brew itself.

But why choose cold brew over iced coffee?

While the method of creating a cold cup of coffee can run the gamut from pouring hot coffee over ice to brewing coffee hot then storing it in a refrigerator, using the cold brew method creates a flavor that is much more complex and pleasantly smooth. Steeping the grounds in cold water for an extended period of time allows the coffee beans to retain their natural flavor and inherent sweetness.

Brewing with cold water extracts the flavor elements typically found in coffee, but with a bit less of the acid. According to blogger Melanie Brault over at I Need Coffee , the cold brew method extracts about 15% of the oils and acids found in coffee brewed with hot water. This resulting extracted concentrate also tends to be so strong and flavor-packed that it is most likely two to three times stronger than you’d like to drink it. This is why we dilute the concentrate prior to serving.

Perhaps one of the coolest elements of cold brewing is the wide range of flavors you’ll taste when using different coffee varietals. You’ll find that some varietals are sweeter and brighter, while others are toastier and more subdued. Experimenting with espresso beans instead of coffee beans will also produce a brew that we’ve found packs a bit more punch. No matter your coffee preference, chances are that we’ll be trying out a new cold brew each time you come to Ride Studio Cafe.











Stop by and give this warm weather treat a try!