Stumptown's Honduras Finca El Puente Coffee

Stumptown's Honduras Finca El Puente Coffee


Our new pour over offering from Stumptown Coffee Roasters is up and running! Honduras Finca El Puente.

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We've featured a variety of roasts from Portland, Oregon-based Stumptown since Ride Studio Cafe first opened, and for good reason. The description of the company's roasting process reads like poetry, and here at the Cafe we're happy to reap the benefits of their dedicated art form.

"Each sample gets sniffed, slurped up and vetted through silver spoons hundreds of times a day in our cupping laboratory,” reads Stumptown’s website. “The delicate hand-picked seeds containing sugars and natural perfumes are roasted in our old-school, cast-iron German Probat machines. The green beans go through a metamorphosis in the hands of our roasters who guide them through a constant evaluation of colors, aromas, sounds, and shapes while tumbling through our vintage double-walled steel drum roasters. Finally, the beans are released out into the world when sweetness and nuance meet up in our cooling trays. The coffee literally sings."

We asked the friendly staff for a lighter offering this time around and the Finca El Puente, one of their newest offerings, was immediately suggested. The Puente is a Honduran coffee, Bourbon and Catuai variety, described as having notes of Concord grape, blueberry, hibiscus, tangerine and milk chocolate. While our first taste test resulted in a cup that was quite good albeit a little too light, Sal suggested grinding the beans a little finer, and with the help of our Stumptown reps we're experimenting with this smooth and satisfying coffee to make it even better.

pour inRegion: Latin America Farm: Marysabel Caballero and Moises Herrera Altitude: 1200 - 1450 meters Varietal: Bourbon, Catuai Processing: The El Puente lots are mechanically demucilaged (the removal of the coffee beans' sticky fruit pulp), fermented, washed and soaked overnight before drying Tasting Notes: Concord Grape, Blueberry, Hibiscus, Tangerine, Milk Chocolate