Award-Winning Conduit Coffee Roasters Espresso

Taste Award-Winning Conduit Coffee Roasters' Espresso

by Steven Lim, RSC Barista

Jesse Nelson, the owner and master roaster of Conduit Coffee Roasters, is a dear friend of mine.  I first met Jesse when he was living in Colorado. We used to gather at a weekly coffee cupping with a mutual friend/company called Ozo Coffee Roasters in Boulder, Colorado.  We were both trying to do the same thing, enter the world of coffee by working for Ozo at some point. Fast forward to the 2011 Seattle Coffee Fest where I randomly ran into Jesse!  It turns out that he couldn’t score the job he was hoping for and decided to pilgrimage to Seattle to find work, and get into his passion: coffee roasting.

So how did he do it? Jesse rented a "comfy" 245 sq. ft. space next to some

art studios, he scrounged up funds to acquire a new 5-kilo Diedrich coffee roaster, he sourced coffee, and got to work.  Since opening up for business in November 2011, his coffee has landed a handful of eager accounts in Seattle and a weekend stop in the local farmers' market.

Most recently, he took 2nd place in Coffee Fest’s “Best Espresso” Competition out in Seattle--a prestigious award.  Not too shabby for a man with true humble beginnings.

Jesse describes his award-winning espresso blend entitled “Locosfocos” (Yeah, it’s a Colorado thing) in the following way:

“Locosfocos is a lighter take on classic espresso.  It’s a bit more complex than Stumptown’s Hairbender but expresses great balance.  The blend is comprised of 3 regions in South America that portrays a soft, buttery, mouthfeel, while keeping in berry notes and tangerine acidity.  The finish ends in deep spice notes as would be found in many coffee varieties in South America.”

Locosfocos will be in our espresso hopper this Saturday only so be sure to come in to try this special espresso! As always, we love to hear what you think about the espresso. It makes a big difference where it comes to choosing which roasters to pick for our guest roaster program.

It is with great pleasure and pride to be serving you coffee from a friend who has always pushed the boundaries in coffee roasting and service.  We hope you enjoy Locosfocos!