Moochie's Macarons Are Coming to Ride Studio Cafe!

Moochie's Macarons Are Coming to Ride Studio Cafe!


The Cafe pastry case is getting a splash of added color this week as we welcome Moochie’s Macarons to Ride Studio Cafe! Created by Nina DiBona-Pauk, a one woman macaron machine, these sweet treats are lovely, delicate, and, above all, tasty. Some of you may have had a chance to try them out at our art opening last spring.

The story behind Moochie’s Macarons could happen in any of our own cozy home kitchens. Looking to add an authentically sweet addition to a Parisian-themed meal in celebration of a trip to the City of Lights, Nina decided to roll up her sleeves and get baking.

“A light Bourgogne, ripe Pont-l’Eveque, crusty baguette, and a few delicate macarons seemed only appropriate for an evening engrossed in Parisian guidebooks. The only dilemma? French macarons seemed harder to find than a Parisian woman in sweatpants,” explains Nina. “Determined not to let my French inspired night be anything less than authentically delicious, I decided to take matters into my own hands…and mixer.”

After many trial batches of the handheld (but temperamental) treats, and a long-awaited home kitchen certification, Nina feels like she has perfected her recipes, and is overjoyed to share them with Ride Studio Cafe’s dedicated patrons.

While delicious on their own, the taste-factor is taken to a whole new level of wonderful, when these bright bites are paired with an invigorating shot of our espresso, dipped into a creamy latte, or eaten slowly with a steaming mug of one of our many teas. Plus, as we all eat with our eyes before our taste buds, there’s no denying how gorgeous Moochie’s Macarons look with an espresso drink crafted by one of the Cafe’s latte art maestros.









Macaron kick-off day is this Friday, October 5th, and they’ll only be available for the weekend to start so be sure to catch them while you can!