A New Coffee Cart Here for Single Origin Saturdays

A portable espresso service has been born as a result of a joint venture between Rob Vandermark and Steve Lim. It started before Steve ever joined RSC and was embarking on a coffee journey in Colorado. His employer at the time had a gorgeous La Marzocco Single Group GS3 Espresso Machine that was not in operation but he would not part with it. After three years of begging, pleading and negotiating, it was turned over to Steve. Now armed with an espresso machine…what next? The previous home owners of Steve’s current residence left behind a sturdy, well in-tact office desk…with a counter top perfectly sized for a – you guessed it – espresso cart! After countless hours and days designing the countertop for barista efficiency as well as the plumbing, what started as a thought became a reality.

The espresso cart first made its debut at Seven Cycles in Watertown, MA days before Thanksgiving. Steve Lim and Sal Persico operated the cart using George Howell’s season-changing Alchemy espresso blend. The demonstration was held in the Seven showroom, and provided espresso drinks for employees and visiting guests. A visible sign of a successful demonstration is when there were requests for three, sometimes four refills!

The espresso cart is available initially for weekend events, both indoor and outdoor. As mentioned before the espresso cart’s primary operator is a La Marzocco Single Group GS3 Espresso Machine. The espresso grinder is a Malkoenig K30 Vario which grinds at low volume if sound level is an issue. If two types of espresso are requested, a second grinder can be provided. The plumbing includes a five-gallon reservoir with a three-gallon expansion tank to ensure a smooth operation from start-up to shutdown. To complete the cart, it is armed with a high-pressure milk pitcher rinser and wash sink. All the electrical power required is 110V, so no worries hunting for high powered outlets!

For the time being, the espresso cart will be in operation on Saturdays at the Studio for “Single Origin Saturdays.” Each Single Origin Saturday features an espresso from one of our coffee roaster partners served from the cart. This is a great time to understand the various nuances that can separate blends to various coffee growing regions. The origin will change based on seasonality, but each espresso will be loaded with information from your friendly baristas!

For events/catering inquiries, please contact Steve Lim at Steve.L@ridestudiocafe.com.