Taste our newest guest roaster, Madcap Coffee Company

Taste our newest guest roaster, Madcap Coffee Company

After a lot of research and coffee tasting, we are happy to introduce Madcap Coffee Company as Ride Studio Cafe's latest guest roaster. While this does mean you will no longer see Sightglass and Stumptown on our menu board and pourover bar, we have no doubt that Madcap is a roaster you will love.

Third Coast Espresso

Based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan with a second roastery soon to open in the DC area, Madcap was born out of a friendship between two guys with a love for coffee. Perhaps what we found most intriguing about Madcap, aside from the fact that we find their espresso and coffee delicious, is the company's dedication to sourcing their beans in a conscious, thoughtful way. This means the ability to directly track every coffee back to its farm of origin, fair wages for all employees involved in the bean to bag journey, and partnering with farms whose dedication to the craft of coffee is on par with Madcap'"s own. At this point, Madcap has visited 75 percent of the farms that grow the beans they use, with a goal to visit every farm by 2014.


We love this system because it represents what coffee is all about – coming together, sharing, communicating, and of course tasting. Madcap tastes thousands of coffees from South America to Africa and beyond before choosing 15 to 20 to feature each year. We have started serving their Third Coast Blend espresso in our hopper and we have a rotating selection of Madcap coffee on our retail shelf. Third Coast is a creamy, chocolatey espresso of the Caturra and Heirloom variety. The current blend is half beans from Kochere, Ethiopia, and half beans from La Guaria, Costa Rica. When we tasted this espresso it brought a smile to our faces and put an extra pep in our step!


We know you'll enjoy it as much as we have, so stop by to enjoy it in your favorite espresso drink!