Employees That Helped Make 2012 Awesome

Another Reason That 2012 Was Awesome for the Studio:

The Studio Has the Best Employee Team

2012 was an unforgettable year for many reasons.  In addition to our superb customers, one of the principal explanations for the year’s success was the employee team with which we’ve been blessed.  Today we thank them.

Our core group of long-time, dedicated, and hard workers – Patria L, Sal P, Jennifer M, Matt O, and Bobbie V – positioned the Studio to have a great 2012.  We also added some fantastic people to ensure it would be a memorable year.  Here are our “new” 2012 people, in order of when each started at the Ride Studio Cafe:

  • Jeff:  Studio PRO bike mechanic and all around bike expert.Jeff has a loyal bike following that has tracked him down at the Studio.  He’s raised the bar for service quality at RSC; Jeff’s also brought world-class wheelbuilding capabilities with him.  No bike service challenge is too complicated for him to solve.  Jeff’s even been seen creatively wiring electronic shifting into bikes that weren’t designed for it.

  • Steve:  Studio barista, coffee scientist, and engineer.  Steve is always testing drink ideas – at the Cafe and at home – and helping us implement the best concepts in the industry.  Steve employs his extensive industry resources to keep up with the latest coffee equipment,  roasters, and techniques.  Steve even has a coffee cart that’s been getting a lot of use at the Studio and at events.  No two days are alike with Steve.
  • Graham:  Studio barista and positive energy machine.  Graham helps the Studio when he’s in town.  He’s always welcome here because he’s excited to do everything that needs to be done – and do it with a smile and a great attitude.
  • Ariela: Studio barista and Cafe coordinator.  Ariela is our Cafe cornerstone; she works tirelessly, takes care of many of our suppliers, and ensures that the espresso flows.  She’s a steady hand and she keeps her cool – even on the busiest of days.  Always learning and trying new ideas, Ariela safeguards the Cafe’s success every day.
  • Anna:  Studio barista and future cafe entrepreneur.  Anna has come to enjoy the Studio so much that she wants to start her own cafe someday.  She’s even going to school for this!  We’re excited to see what she does after graduation. In the meantime, she helps keep Cafe customers content and caffeinated when she’s not at school.

  • San:  Studio barista and entrepreneur.  San isn’t around so much these days – since he started his Coffee Trike.  Regardless, San is an employee in spirit when he’s not at the Studio.  If he’s not at RSC you can find him with his Coffee Trike.
  • Drew: Studio barista and bicycle fanatic.  Drew brings a full set of skills to the Studio.  He managed Gryphon Cafe for many years – and he’s a bike lifer and racer; an ideal combination for the Studio.  At RSC you’ll see Drew pulling crema rich shots on some days and talking gear ratios on other days.
  • Sahar: Studio barista and writer.  Sahar is the quiet specialist – with a big smile.  Our newest addition to the team, she brings a thoughtful diligence to drink making.

We couldn’t ask for a better team.  With this group of co-workers and collaborators we know it’s going to be an extraordinary 2013; it’s certainly started off that way.