Getting to the Resulting Bike

Getting to the Resulting Bike

We talk all of the time about the bikes we're working on for customers and which bikes we're delivering. It's possible the interim steps are a little foggy to you if you haven't purchased a Seven before. We've put pen to paper to help explain what it takes to bring a new bike to life.

Custom designing your bike


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Are you in the search for a spring bike? Too many times we hear people recount stories of being overwhelmed in the bike buying process. We make it simple. Contact us to give us a chance to discuss your next bike with you.

We were pleased to see this video, created by the UK’s Cycling Plus magazine, part of the Bike Radar group, put up this video of the Seven 622 SLX, the lightest and, arguably, the sharpest looking of all of Seven's bicycles. There are many Sevens from which to choose, give us a chance to present them to you and show you why they will make the difference in having the best ride imaginable.

The 622 SLX is a good example of a great bike that, in its purest form, looks simple and rides remarkably well. Yet, through the customer design process, each 622 SLX produced is uniquely right for its rider. We've delivered a number of 622 SLX bikes to customers at Ride Studio Cafe, each of them quite different, each very stunning. Maybe your name or your favorite motivational saying will appear on the next one we deliver!