All-Star RSC Team Off to Rapha Gentlemen's Race

All-Star RSC Team Off to Rapha Gentlemen's Race

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by Matt Roy, RSC Endurance Team Member

This weekend, the Ride Studio Cafe Endurance Team is heading to southern NJ to take part in the fifth edition of the Rapha Gentlemen's Race, an unsanctioned, unsupported 130-mile adventure through the hills and dales along the Delaware River. The route promises to be challenging with lots of dirt, chip-seal and even a river crossing. The format is unique; 26 teams of six riders each start at three minute intervals, seeded by an honor-system-of-sorts (with the faster teams starting later). The first team to cross the finish line together (with all members) is the "winner." It's a 6-person team time trial. Except there's no one in a follow car barking encouragement through a megaphone. Oh, and it's at least 7-hours long.

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One hundred thirty miles is a long day in the saddle by any measure. To do this as a cohesive team of six is where the beauty (and the beast) of the Gentlemen's race comes in. I've had the fortune of riding in 4 out of the 5 Northeast editions of the Rapha Gent's Race (in the Catskills, the Lehigh Valley, in the Green Mountains and the latest edition, in the Delaware River valley) and each year, with a different group of riders.

The Ride Studio Cafe team for the 2013 edition of the #RgR is pretty special. The foundation of the team is the Endurance Team stalwarts, David Wilcox (calves of steel, heart of gold), John Bayley (Irish, eats gravel for breakfast, painfully humble) and myself (dissertation legs, boat anchor). The three of us have a penchant for the ridiculous.

We've supplemented our trio with what amounts to an absolute all-star cast. Starting with New England's sweetheartMo Bruno Roy. Mo, who has never ridden more than 100-miles, will most likely be towing her slovenly husband around the entire course.

Next up, Lyne Bessette. Put it this way, she has her own Wikipedia page which is FULL of her amazing accomplishments. And even then, it only scratches the surface. She has won countless races of all kinds and includes world titles as a tandem pilot for with blind athlete Robbi Weldon in road and time-trial disciplines.

Lastly, six-time national cyclocross champ and the top-placing American at this year's Cyclocross World Championships, Tim Johnson will be slowing us down with his turtle-saving escapades. But we'll put up with it.

Follow along with the race as it starts on Saturday morning on Twitter and Instagram by searching for the RgR hashtag (#RgR). We'll have a write-up with pictures and sordid details after the fact!