What is Cold Brew?

What, exactly, is cold brew?


We've been serving up a lot of cold brew coffee this summer. Cold brew isn't the same as iced coffee. Do you know the difference? The flavor is unique, one offered by the method of creating this enjoyable coffee drink.

Sal Persico, one of our long-time baristas and trainer at George Howell Coffee, was interviewed by NPR/WBUR's Here and Now to describe what cold brew is all about. Sal is joined in the interview by San Bellino, owner/operator of The Coffee Trike. San is an off-season guest barista here and if you're in Boston in the spring, summer or fall, his trike and the coffee he serves from it isn't to be missed. Sal and San could (and maybe should) write a book about cold brew. Listen to the segment and taste what they're talking about next time you come in for a drink.


We serve cold brew daily in the Cafe. Drink a glass, take a cup to-go, buy a single-serving bottle or buy a growler. If you want a growler, we ask that you call the Cafe to reserve it (or a refill) 24-hours in advance.

Our cold brew is made with the highest quality coffee beans, the same ones we use for our hot pour-over coffees. George Howell coffee is our house coffee and Heart Coffee Roasters is our current guest roaster.


Enjoy cold brew while it's warm enough outside to really appreciate not just its flavor, but also its ability to refresh and rejuvenate.